Time Scales

We understand only too well that a swift execution of the distribution of assets is required by all clients. However, it is important from the outset that time scales are clearly communicated with clients and expectations managed. We will always act promptly on information provided and give regular updates. As Accountants we are in regular contact with our clients and we bring these service levels to our probate assignments.

Most simple probate cases will be concluded within 6-12 months of being instructed. However more complex cases will likely go beyond this time frame.

Current guidance on Gov.UK suggests that grants of representation can now take up to 16 weeks once the application is submitted, this was previously 8 weeks.

The key stages of our services can be summarised as follows:

  • Initial Meeting with Executors / Administrators, some executors may wish to renounce or reserve their power to act as an executor.
  • Preserving the Estate
  • Valuing the Estate
  • Preparing the IHT Return
  • Application for the Grant of Probate
  • Obtaining Grant of Probate
  • Potential Post Grant Estate Planning – Discussing beneficiaries own estate planning, this may include a deed of variation by which the Will can be amended within two years of death in order to achieve a more tax efficient outcome for beneficiaries.
  • Estate Administration, paying debts, distributing specific and pecuniary legacies. Before the Estate is finalised, tax returns may need completing to report any income and capital gains made during the period of administration. Once resolved final distributions can be made.

By their very nature probate cases vary in both terms of size and complexity, some cases will finish sooner than others. Communication is key and we will always endeavour to complete the case as soon as it is reasonably possible whilst providing adequate protection for the estate.

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